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Friday, January 4, 2008

Vates and Volts

I was sent this electronic project named Vate the other day in the mail by it's courteous progenitor, and being the experimental/electronic music junkie that I am, I've been listening to nothing but Vate's album Volt for the last few days. The experimental sounds and atmospheric synth make excellent background music while reading, writing, or drawing. This album reminds me of Skinny Puppy at their best because the sound is haunting and inventive. I think I listened to the same track about 14 times in a row while I was doing some graphic design last night.

Vate - Mundo Libre

Vate - Orient Stress

Vate - Tourismo

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Catching up with Damienkrauss

Damienkrauss is an artist hailing from California that I've been listening to throughout the years for his particular brand of IDM and electronica. He utilizes low bit rate instruments and jungle styled rhythms to create what would be the best video game soundtrack ever from 1990. In addition to the corrupted Nintendo melodies, some very thought provoking samples are thrown in. Not the obligatory "Oh the monster's going to get me!" type 1950's horror movie sample, but samples that are extremely relevant to today's media engorged society. It's like truth coming at you at 80mph.

Damienkrauss - Stick A Screwdriver in My Face

Damienkrauss - Pale Ale Nightmares

Damienkrauss - Lovelife Dischordia Papilloma Complex

Damienkrauss Myspace

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