Friday, June 5, 2009

Thieves Like Us would "Really Like to See You Again"! New EP!

Thieves Like Us, the American/Swedish electro rock group, are set to release a new EP called the Really Like to See You Again EP next Tuesday, which features three new tracks and Desire from their debut Play Music fleshed out with more rhythmic punch. Opener Really Like to See You Again and closer To Joy sound remarkably similar, with the former sounding like the New Order Blue Monday remix of the latter. Also, it looks as if TLU(Thieves Like Us) have set out to promote American airway travel with their hot new track "American Skies". If only the executives of American Airlines would take heed of this song and promote air travel with a new series of commercials of air hostesses dancing in silver shoulder padded uniforms with big hair... To quote another famous line of commercials, "Hey, it could happen." Either way, if you've got some surplus cash in this downed economy, shell out some coin for "Really Like to See You Again" and enjoy some of the finest electronic music of recent times.

But don't take my word for it: